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The Directed Benefits Foundation, Inc. (DBF) is a Florida-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing support, guidance, and unmatched customer service to the injured, disabled, and their families.  Our team has spent decades serving as trustee and administrator to special needs trusts all over the country.  Through these years we have worked with countless beneficiaries and their families, providing personalized service and support for some of life's most difficult circumstances.  

Our team shares a belief that every beneficiary and their family should be treated with the highest level of service and support, no matter the value of their trust.  At DBF, there is no minimum deposit requirement to establish a trust with us.  We are committed to bringing transparency and ease to the otherwise complex process of establishing a special needs trust and working to maintain public benefit eligibility, regardless of the trust value.   

We believe that working closely with the beneficiary, their family, legal guardian, and attorney always yields the best results.  Developing a comprehensive plan for the beneficiary's future often requires input and perspective from those closest to them.  Our goal is to establish a personalized plan, bring clarity to the process, keep all related parties informed, and execute this strategy with a focus on enhancing the beneficiary's quality of life. 

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The DBF team aims to bring clarity and ease to an otherwise complex concept and process.  Establishing and understanding the use of a special needs trust is not an everyday course for most people.  At DBF, we believe that educating our beneficiaries and their families cultivates trust and builds the platform for a long, healthy working relationship.   

While serving as trustee and administrator to each trust, the team at DBF offers its support and expertise to each of our beneficiaries on a day-to-day basis.  We understand that life can take some unpredictable turns and many events are unplanned and unexpected.  Our team prides itself on our ability to adapt to such events and offer the same compassion, support, and direction to our beneficiaries no matter the circumstances.   

Our priority is providing comprehensive personalized service to each of our trust beneficiaries.  This service also extends to the family of each beneficiary, their caregivers, guardians, settlement brokers, and the attorneys who represent them.  We recommend that attorneys and law firms get our team involved with their cases as early as possible.  Our knowledge and experience in assessing public benefits and future eligibility allow us to help determine if a trust is a suitable option for their clients.  

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